Welcome to Kippup...
...the application division providing next generation technology solutions that enable your website to perform!

A beautiful website is an incredible brand asset, but when you desire a higher level of performance, Kippup apps deliver. Our proprietary solutions are built to transform websites into powerful sales and marketing tools.

Kippup apps are highly intelligent and laser focused on measurable results. Each solution is geared towards acquiring new business while keeping current clients, customers, and patients engaged with your brand. Our apps are fundamentally concerned with what site visitors do upon arriving on your website. Our custom-coded, real time analytics solutions help us analyze visitor behavior and develop strategies for visitor conversion and retention.

Interaction is key...

    Being found online, an impressive site design, and engaging content are all GREAT - but knowing what your site visitor is looking for and interacting with them while they browse your webpages will increase the chances that they make a decision now... From interactive forms to live web chat and enticing ads, our apps take care of business, day in and out!

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